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Equal Opportunity Employment


Periodically, it is desirable and necessary to restate the Company’s policy on matters of significance to employees. One such policy concerns equal opportunity.

 It is the policy of SEER Insurance Inspections, Inc. to provide equality of opportunity for any employee or applicant for employment, irrespective of race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. Equality of opportunity in employment shall also be extended to those qualified individuals with disabilities who apply for or are employed by this company. I am sure that you are all aware of this policy which has been given added emphasis by legislation enacted by the Federal Government to ensure compliance with this principal throughout the country.

 SEER’s policy, which management is pledged to support, implements the enacted legislation to assure all employees of equal treatment. Through a positive expression of adherence to the principal of equal opportunity, we can achieve success for both the company and its employees.

 Responsibility for the implementation of this policy has been assigned to Mrs. Delora Simmons, Human Resources Director, SEER Insurance Inspections, Inc.


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